The Brownie Gourmet | About


Responsibly sourced, Nothing artificial and Flavor Forward. We combine scratch-made baker’s craftsmanship with real, quality ingredients to make the best brownies possible. We just don’t do preservatives, stabilizers, and ingredients you can’t pronounce.  We do our best to be better, and that means transparency all the way from the fair trade cocoa to the fresh local dairy. We want you to know that what you’re eating is something you can feel good about. We’re Detroit born and Bred & Woman led and won’t let anything stand in our way.


Michelle is the master taste tester and the founder of The Brownie Gourmet. She learned to bake like so many other folks – from watching her mother and eventually being allowed to help in the kitchen.  Michelle’s mother used baking and cooking to help her understand fractions, weights and measures [that might be why she has a degree in mathematics]. They burned up many a mixer in the kitchen – making cake batters, cheesecakes, éclairs and all types of deliciousness.  Michelle was overjoyed when she got her first ‘real’ heavy-duty mixer – a mixer that she still has and uses! She worked as an ad exec for a few years before diving into baking full time, opening her first of many bakeshops in southeastern Michigan. Michelle lives, (eats) and breathes brownies and despite our best efforts, we’ve never been able to convince her to stop testing, redefining and iterating. she’s made baking her life’s work - to do it the right way and share the love with others. When Michelle’s not with the BG team, she’s home with her three children or traveling and experiencing new cuisines. IF you’re ever near our HQ, let us know because Michelle is always down to chat over brownies and coffee.