The Brownie Gourmet Creates Cakes, Custom Cakes, Brownie Cakes, and Dessert Tables to suit every Client's needs. Custom Flavors, Frostings, Fillings, and Cakes of any Size!

Cakes & Brownie Cakes

Custom Flavors, Sizes, Etc.

The Brownie Gourmet™ is the Perfect Place to order your Cake or Dessert Table.

Portfolio: Wedding Cakes, Wedding Cake Toppers, Birthday Cakes, Celebration Cakes, etc.

Our Cakes can be Ordered in any Flavor, with any Frosting, Filling or Color.

We can also create Brownie Cake Masterpieces, in any of our Brownie Varieties. 

Cake Size can Range from 6" to Whatever size you desire.

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Cakes and Brownie Cakes